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Our #DoingBetter Beach Picnic

Last week we brought together a community of local leaders in sustainability for a zero-waste beach picnic in beautiful Vancouver, BC! We hosted a conversation around sustainable solutions and everyday simple swaps as we reflected on how we can start #doingbetter for the environment.

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Clarifying “Clean” - 6 Ingredients To Look Out For

Not all “clean” is created equal. There's a lack of transparency across the industry, and not only are we concerned about the effects of our everyday products on the environment, but the hazards to our health are alarming as well. Here are 6 ingredients to avoid in your personal care and home products.

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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Single-Use Plastics in Your Life

We started Better Basics, to eliminate single-use plastic waste. Plastic is an everyday problem that we knew everyone faced - as we started to pay attention to the amount of plastic a single home produced, we were overwhelmed with how much just kept coming day after day. We thought if we could create a line of products that was more sustainable and designed to make it convenient and easy to make simple plastic-free swaps, then making the switch would be a no-brainer.  Our philosophy on eliminating single-use plastic and reducing your environmental impact is simple and comes down to three principles: 1. Reuse - Focus on purchasing high quality products made out of durable materials that are designed to be...

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