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Best to Worst Packaging Materials

Understanding which packaging materials make the least impact is hard! That's why we've done the research for you. When we take into account the materials used, recyclability and end-of-lifecycle impact, this is our cheat sheet for best-to-worst materials to choose. A good rule of thumb, the more natural the fibers and materials are, the more likely they are to be biodegradable without a negative impact to the environment, or recycled into a material that can be easily reused. 📦️ - paper is easily recycled and takes 2-5 months to biodegrade in a landfill. Look for FSC recycled paper to preserve our precious trees!🥫 - stainless steel is infinitely recyclable and the most recycled material across the globe🫙 - a lot of municipalities...

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What's in the bottle: our commitment to clean for you + the planet

When we set out to create home products that are better for you + the planet, we took a look not only at what your products come packaged in, but at the ingredients too. Unfortunately, it's hard to trust that everything we use in our homes and on our bodies is safe and effective, and sifting through the noise and claims from various products can be overwhelming. In fact, it's downright crazy that there aren't packaging regulations that include the ingredient list on cleaning products. That's why we've done digging for you, and are committed to complete transparency and choosing ingredients that are better for you and the environment. Not only are our products safe, they are also designed to perform for you, keeping your home and...

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