Join the refill revolution.

Do you own a retail shop or a business that is looking to carry Better Basics? We want to hear from you.

Become one of our exclusive Better Basics retailers. Skip the mess of a refill station in your shop and offer luxurious, natural and sustainable products that are easy for you and your customers.

Our stainless steel dispensers are custom designed and can be co-branded or created in a limited edition colour just for you. Reach out to develop a customized merchandising experience or pop-up shop.


 Receive an exclusive Better Basics discount when you purchase over 25 units. Our high quality and natural products are great team, corporate customers or realtor gifts, and can set up your office, wellness or hospitality businesses. 

"We did a soap smelling test and I’ll have you know that Better Basics Mandarin, Cedar, Basil & Rosemary Peppermint beat out the most popular and luxe other soap options." - Pickleball Studio


Tell us more about your partnership ideas. We love to collaborate!