How are your products priced?

We believe that Better products are produced with the world’s highest quality and most ethical suppliers. Our factories are the leading experts in their natural and sustainable materials, and are sourced from around the world. By using all natural materials, organic and recycled paper, and high quality metals we are invested in better quality materials and products. All of our factories have additional accreditation, fair pay and ethical standards, which means fair prices. We believe that #doingbetter should be accessible to all, so we have priced our products with a standard business margin and fair prices to our suppliers.

All of our prices are in Canadian dollars. Our website automatically exchanges the prices into US dollars. If you notice some uncommon prices, it is due to the exchange rate. We feel this is the most ethical and transparent way for all of our customers to receive the same price.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in our expert and sustainable factories around the world. Please visit Our Partners page to learn more about each of our manufacturing partners' sustainability standards and commitment craftsmanship. 

What are your sustainability standards?

Every product we design is created with the intention of reducing plastic waste by reusing a better quality, long-lasting product. We have set the highest standards on the materials we use, opting for recycled, and biodegradable materials first. To learn more about all of the materials in the Better Basics collection, please visit our Better Standards page.

How much do you give back?

We are committed to giving back 1% of all of our revenues to registered non-profit charities supporting environmental and social causes. As we are just getting started, we are going to evaluate and choose different local charities. If you are a charity looking for support, please contact us at info@betterbasics.co 

How do I use a promo code?

If you have an active promotional code or discount, you may enter it at the checkout cart. The promotion will be automatically applied to the items in your basket.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all standard credit cards and Apple Pay.

How does the Set It and Forget It subscription work?

When you shop for a refill product, you have the option to set up an auto-renewal subscription for 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. You receive 10% off your order along with free shipping on every automated order (all orders excluding the first one). We will automatically notify you before an upcoming order is fulfilled and shipped, and you can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I change my standing order?

If you'd like to change your order, login into My Account, under My Subscription click "edit future orders", you can change the delivery date and frequency of the next order, or all future orders. You can pause or cancel your order at any time. 

How do I redeem an e-gift card?

E-gift cards come with a unique promotional code that can be redeemed at checkout. If you do not use your whole balance, you can continue to use that code until it is complete. Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order, which can include taxes and shipping.  

If the balance available on the gift card is less than the order total, you will be asked to choose a second payment method for the balance of the order.

How do I wash my Better Bags?

All of our bags are made with 100% organic canvas cotton. The natural fibers easily come clean with soap and water. You can hand wash or use a regular washing machine on cold cycle. Bags should be hung to dry.

How do I wash my Ever containers?

Our Ever containers are double wall insulated stainless steel. We recommend that they are hand washed in a light dishwashing soap.  

How does the refill program work?

We have developed all of your basic household cleaning and personal care products in gentle, all natural formulas. We ship these products in our bulk 1.5L paper jug so you can refill your everyday containers around your house. One refill jug fills four x 400 mL Ever Dispensers or Spray Bottles, saving you four plastic bottles for every purchase.

How do you dispose of the paper jug?

Simply remove the paper exterior and compost or recycle. The inner plastic lining is #2 HDPE plastic and can be recycled in most blue bins. Our plastic liner is also already 70% recycled materials.

How do you care for your organic cotton bags?

Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Organic cotton is not treated and will shrink in hot water or a dryer. The woven mesh can be stretched out again once washed.

How do you care for your stainless steel bottles and containers?

We recommend you wash your stainless steel bottles by hand with gentle dishwashing soap.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. Our personal care and cleaning products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. 

Are your products vegan?

Yes, with the exception of our Bee Well wraps that use beeswax. All of our soaps and cleaning products are made from natural, plant-based ingredients. 

Are your products palm oil free?

We strive to avoid palm oil in all of our products, in preference for coconut-derived surfactants. One of the coconut surfactants that we use has some sustainable palm oil in its formula, so although we have much less palm oil than a standard soap, we are not completely palm oil free. We were unable to source a coconut surfactant that had no sustainable palm oil in the formula and will continue to innovate in this area. Find out why palm oil matters on our Better Standards section of the Our Mission page.

Covid-19 Policy

Better Basics was started in 2020 during the global pandemic. With that in mind, we have learned to operate our business in a remote environment. We have experienced some product delays with raw materials, but do not expect any delays in fulfillment. However, once our products leave our warehouse, we do not have control on how fast Canada Post and UPS ship our product.