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What are PFAs and why are they being banned in cosmetics?

New Zealand is the first country to ban PFAS in cosmetic products. They are setting an industry unprecedented goal of removing PFAs in all cosmetics by 2026, why does this matter?  Understanding PFAs in Cosmetics PFAs are forever chemicals commonly used in everyday personal care and beauty products from mascara to shaving cream, and household products like teflon pans. PFAs, a group of synthetic chemicals prized for their water- and grease-resistant properties have found their way into all of our favourite beauty essentials. These 12,000 chemicals have the name "forever" because they don't break down easily in your bodies or the environment.  A study by CBC marketplace of PFAS in Canadian cosmetics found that:  "99% of Canadians tested had some level of PFAS in our bodies. " The Health Risks...

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