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Celebrating Women Climate Change Leaders

This International Women's Day, we are taking a moment to reflect on the immense gratitude we hold for the women who have paved a path for us. Over history, women leaders have fought for equal rights, not only for themselves, but for their families, communities, and the environment. We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for a group of brave female activists before us, who gave us the confidence to break through barriers, showing us that women can be powerful leaders of change while also taking care of their community.  We have come a long way, but there is still so far to come. Climate change continues to wreak havoc on our environment, impacting the health and wellbeing of...

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Why I took the leap to start an eco-friendly business.

How I decided to start an eco-friendly business with the mission to impact the world for the better and help people reduce plastic waste. A personal honour to both my parents and their values, and my commitment to do my best to make better decisions every day.

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