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What Are The Best Eco Brands?

To support you in your pursuit of a more earth-friendly lifestyle, we’ve put together a list of some brands that are #doingbetter, to make choosing the sustainable option just that much easier.

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5 things you can do for Earth Month

Earth Day is April 22, and it is a time to celebrate our planet, and reflect on our opportunities for reducing our environmental impact. Here are 5 simple things you can do to reduce your impact: Reduce your car use: opt to walk, bike or carpool instead of driving Shop for items with less packaging: look for bulk pantry goods and fresh fruits and veggies that come without packaging. For your fridge, opt for items packaged in paper, glass or returnable packaging. Bring your reusables: bring your reusable bag, coffee cup and mug with you wherever you go Shop pre-loved: look for clothes, furniture and toys that are pre-loved from thrift or vintage stores, or Facebook marketplace or Craigslist Shop...

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The Maker Story: Osei Duro x Better Basics Napkin Collection

This collaboration was such an organic blending of creative minds. We were looking to expand our product line into more homewares that were upcycled AND shift people from using single-use items. I started thinking about fabric napkins, somehow along the way they have been replaced with paper in many homes. We'd love to bring people back to the beauty of using cotton or linen napkins with patterns and colours and give you joy. It's not only sustainable, but it's just a better quality experience. We have long admired the craftsmanship and vibrant patterns of the hand dyed fabrics from our friends at Osei-Duro. Inspired by the traditional Ghanian techniques, each garment they make is hand printed using a batik method, designed and...

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