What Are The Best Eco Brands?

A sustainable shopping guide for making conscious + fashionable choices.

You probably know by now that living sustainably is not a one and done donation, decision, or event. When we make a conscious effort to protect our earth and care for the environment through our everyday actions, we are committing to making decisions with intention. Sustainability is about a lifestyle, not a single action. When shifting our way of living to one that is more eco-conscious, we begin to realize just how many choices we have to make when it comes to what we buy, the products we use, what we wear, the waste we produce, and beyond. Choosing sustainable options can be overwhelming whether you’re just starting out, or deep into your eco journey. We know first hand that the simpler sustainability is, the more likely we are to choose the decision that also protects and preserves the planet.

To support you in your pursuit of a more earth-friendly lifestyle, we’ve put together a list of some brands that are #doingbetter, to make choosing the sustainable option just that much easier.

Before we leave you with a list of some sustainable friends, we want to remind you to first consider shopping second-hand, local, and in bulk when you can. Before purchasing something new, we hope you’ll ask yourself if you really need it, if you can borrow or thrift it instead, and to consider the longer lifecycle of the things you purchase. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about choosing better.



the best eco-friendly fashion clothing brands


A certified B Corp clothing brand that not only uses natural materials, but has proudly built lasting relationships, fair trade agreements, and traceability throughout their supply chain, from farm to your closet. They also give back to children’s education by contributing a portion of their proceeds to building primary schools in Egypt through their project, The ABC’s.

Harly Jae

A Canadian slow fashion house that creates small-batch designs of season-less pieces made out of natural fibres. They minimize waste through their zero-waste collection and opt for using recycled tags and packaging. 

Laude The Label

Laude uses women-centered impact and the most sustainable practices to everyday fashion pieces that put the maker, earth and customer at the forefront. Their materials include organic cotton, low impact dyes and natural fibres. They have a carbon offsetting and sustainable shipping program, and a socially responsible supply chain where they invest back into the makers.


Non-Toxic, organic, natural apparel with ethical work standards and circular initiatives. This climate-neutral certified brand offers elevated basics with non-plastic labels and packaging, and clean materials.


Clothing and accessories for the whole family, where 10 trees are planted for every item purchased. Tentree believes in transparency, so you can learn about the impact of your purchase while you shop online, plus you have the option to purchase a tree planting subscription to offset your personal footprint. 


Small production high quality swimsuits that are made with a minimum of 6 recycled plastic bottles per suit. This brand also considers sustainable and chemical-free water use in production, and offers various programs to ensure your suit is either recycled or repaired when you’re finally ready to part ways.

Personal Care

the best eco friendly personal care brands

Well Kept

Well kept reusable safety razors last a lifestyle and reduce the need for disposable plastic razors. Designed in Vancouver, Canada, Well Kept offers self-care kits to enhance your shaving experience from soaps, to bath oil, to their iconic razors.

Better Basics

Better Basics is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic in self-care and home products. Their refill system uses a recycled paper and plastic jug that reduces packaging by 80%, and saves 4 plastic bottles with every refill. They are female-founded in Vancouver.


Canadian startup, Before, is the first to bring a recyclable, plant-based tube to the toothpaste industry. Their commitment to better packaging reduces 50% of the carbon footprint on every tube.

Grown Alchemist 

Grown Alchemist offers a new revolution in skincare, with natural formulas that are packaged in glass, aluminum and refillable packaging.


Joni makes period care better for you and the planet. Their organic cotton and bamboo products have FSC, OEKO-TEX® and ECOCERT certifications. 5% of their revenue goes to fighting period poverty and empowering everyone who menstruates.


the best eco-friendly home brands

Flax Home

High-quality, ethically made, Canadian-designed linen for your home. This brand works with local clothiers to up-cycle unused material and turn it into new pieces, plus they donate a part of their proceeds to a not-for-profit organization that provides safe housing for women and children affected by violence.


A brand of timeless artisanal home objects that creates meaningful relationships with each creator, ensuring ethical standards, traceability, and sustainable production. Obakki values supporting small local artisans through social sustainability. 


Quality tableware designed to last for years and years. Fable is committed to becoming zero-waste, and currently uses recycled clay and eco-friendly packaging while ensuring ethical employment standards and waste-reducing production processes.

 Mala the Brand

Beautiful candles that use natural coconut and soy wax, FSC approved wood wicks or lead-free cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils. Each candle comes in a 25% recycled tin and is fully recyclable when you’re done with it.

 Lekko Life Goods

Made to order home goods that were designed as a solution to any hurdles you may encounter when approaching zero-waste living.


the best sustainable food brands


A circular economy project that creates tasty cold-pressed juices and snacks out of foods that are rejected in the distribution cycle because of their shape, size or shelf life. Loop reduces waste by repurposing all kinds of food and giving them new delicious life. 


Organic snack bars that come in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. This brand is also 100% carbon neutral with multiple initiatives in place that support waste-reduction, tree planting, green energy, and up-cycling.


Certified organic tea that comes in full recyclable packaging. This brand is also fair trade and part of 1% for the planet, and among other sustainable certifications, they have big plans in place to be carbon neutral by 2030.


Good for the growers, good for the planet chocolate that is not only certified organic and fair trade, but also uses ethical cacao beans that are grown in a way that support biodiversity. Zazubean also ensures fair wage and working conditions for all of its’ partners.

Harmless Harvest

Ethical organic coconut water that comes in 100% rPet plastic and has a mission to create a natural demand for sustainable farming and better business practices. They partner with regenerative agriculture programs and have targets in places to continue their positive impact in waste and emission reduction.


We hope this inspires you to not only think a little deeper about the brands and products you choose on a daily basis, but gets you excited about your sustainability journey and all of the different and beautiful ways you can choose to do better for the planet.