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Better Basics x Carbon Neutral Club

We are very excited to share that we’ve recently teamed up with Carbon Neutral Club, a monthly membership that rewards you for fighting climate change, by supporting you to offset your carbon footprint. We love how simple they've made it to take one small action that can really make an impact.

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Our #DoingBetter Beach Picnic

Last week we brought together a community of local leaders in sustainability for a zero-waste beach picnic in beautiful Vancouver, BC! We hosted a conversation around sustainable solutions and everyday simple swaps as we reflected on how we can start #doingbetter for the environment.

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Clarifying “Clean” - 6 Ingredients To Look Out For

Not all “clean” is created equal. There's a lack of transparency across the industry, and not only are we concerned about the effects of our everyday products on the environment, but the hazards to our health are alarming as well. Here are 6 ingredients to avoid in your personal care and home products.

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