Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L
Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L

Bliss Wash Hand Soap Refill 1 L

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Experience the moisturising benefits of olive oil, aloe and coconut oil in this natural and gentle hand and body soap. Made with plant-based ingredients and scented with luxurious essential oils, this hand soap refill doesn't just feel incredible on your hands, it's also better for you + the planet. Designed exclusively in a 1 L tin refill size to refill your Ever Dispenser 3x and save countless plastic bottles.

Choose your scent of sweet mandarins and woodsy herbs, or refreshing rosemary and peppermint.

Set It & Forget It Refill Program:  Save time, money, and the planet. All refill products are 20% off and include free shipping on all subsequent orders. You choose how often you want them and can cancel anytime.

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Clean Home. Clear Conscience.

Our all-natural refills use simple, vegan and earth-friendly ingredients.

Every Refill Saves 3 Plastic Bottles

Plant Based Ingredients

No Chemicals



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Favorite scent, our go to for hand soap

Wow! I am so impressed

This product offers a refreshing and conscious choice for those wanting effective hygiene with a positive impact. Love how the formula doesn't dry your hands but keeps the skin moisturized. I found the scent very subtle and lovely.

Household Cleaning Game Changer

Recently, we were gifted a Better Basics ‘Set Up Kit’ and a week later these products and their very slick dispensers have flipped our outdated unconscious cleaning habit on its head. We’d never fussed much about cleaning products and up until now hadn’t considered the impact that the packaging was having on our environment. Since our recent switch I feel entirely aligned with this company’s message which to us speaks to quality cleaning products, thoughtful and simple styling and sensitivity to the increasing fragile climate situation. Not to mention the products smell great, feel great and clean like a hot damn!

Amazing family products

I love all of the items in this set and they have become staples in my home. My family finds the dish soap very effective and I love that the hand soap is gentle enough for my toddler’s hands. I’m pretty sensitive to scents and these are perfect for me. So happy we found these products!

Love the Ever Dispenser; Less so the Simple Suds Refill

I like the overall quality of the Ever Dispenser so far. I'm hoping the stainless steel holds up longer than plastic soap dispensers and doesn't create that green staining around the pump that often happens with other dispenser.

Unfortunately, I don't like the Simple Suds product. I like that the packaging is very recyclable. I don't like the scented product due to a personal preference for unscented products and the cost of the soap for the quantity seems high based on other liquid soaps I typically buy.