Better Standards

 We are not perfect, but we are dedicated to #doingbetter. 

Our Commitments:

Plastic-Free - We are dedicated to using the most recyclable and natural materials (steel, bamboo, cotton + paper) in all of our products, and eliminating plastic from the supply chain (we have eliminated bubble wrap, plastic bags, etc. that commonly come with products). We’re all about keeping it real, so we want you to know that we’re still looking for the better alternative for two of our products.

  1. Soap Pumps + Misters - We’ve sourced a steel soap pump, but the dipstick tube is plastic. We’re working on finding a spray mister that actually works, but ours is created  using recycled ocean plastics and they’re designed to last.
  2. Refill Container - Our refill container made of paper, but in order for the liquid soap to remain shelf stable and avoid leaks, there’s a thin plastic liner bag. This plastic bag is made out of 70% recycled HDPE plastic (number 2), and is the most commonly and easily recycled plastic. You can remove the plastic and place it right in the recycling bin. The paper can be composted or recycled.

Biodegradable - All of the ingredients we use are earth-safe. Meaning that they can be composted in a regular backyard compost, and if left in a landfill, they’ll biodegrade back to earth within years (as opposed to decades, centuries, or never…). Our biodegradable materials include paper, wood, coconut and natural oils.

Ethical - Our factories are certified with fair trade practices and ISO standards. Our products are not tested on animals and are vegan.

No Chemicals - We don’t use any petroleum products or toxic chemicals in any of our products. All are produced with the most natural, earth-friendly ingredients.

We created our Better Basics Standards using the B Corp guidelines and Sustainable Development Goals set forth from the UN. Our mission is inspired directly by the UN’s #12 Sustainable Consumption by promoting a more sustainable lifestyle of reduction, recycling, and reuse. We are also greatly inspired to keep our oceans clean and have followed the UN Goal #14 Life Below Water in focusing on the reduction of plastic debris in our oceans.

Why our materials are better

  1. Compostable Refill Bottle - FSC certified recycled paper and 80% less plastic. Completely compostable exterior can be broken off when bottle is empty. Inner bag is BPA-free and made with 70% recycled HDPE interior bag. Bottles are manufactured in California and use 48% less energy than standard plastic bottles, and weigh 25% less saving transport emissions.
  2. Steel Reusable Containers - made with steel which is infinitely recyclable and accessible in all recycling programs across North America. Steel recycling offers a closed-loop system, with 80% of the steel available today being already recycled.
  3. Bamboo - more sustainable than wood due to the fast replacement rate. Bamboo is all natural and completely compostable. Put our bamboo products right in your green bin and they will breakdown back to natural materials.
  4. Organic Cotton - GOTS certified organic cotton replenishes and maintains soil fertility, expands biologically diverse agriculture, and prohibits the use of synthetic toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetically engineered seed. Organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. GOTS is a stringent voluntary global standard for the entire postharvest processing and prohibits the use of toxic inputs during the processing stages, and establishes strong labor provisions including a prohibition on child labor.
  5. Biodegradable Products - All Natural, plant-based ingredients. Sustainable Palm Oil. Sulfate-Free. No Parabens. No Artificial Colours or Fragrances. No Animal Testing. Vegan

A note on palm oil. Palm oil is the world’s most widely used vegetable oil for foods and personal care products. The over-harvesting of palm oil has lead to deforestation of rain forests, eliminated the precious food for Chimpanzees and other animals, and has negatively impacted many indigenous communities due to child labor and poor working conditions. We sought out coconut-derived surfactants and found that most of them actually include palm oil in the formula. Our coconut surfact uses sustainable, certified palm oil, and we will continue to search for a completely palm oil-free formulation.


Pennsylvania Product Factory - Our personal care and cleaning product custom manufacture is known for their caring environment and commitment to excellence. They have a strick no animal testing policy, source the most ethical and clean ingredients, and support their teams and local community. Their award-winning chemists are always on the hunt for the highest performing and safe ingredients. They have been our partner from the beginning in developing safe, effective and eco-friendly products.

California Packaging Company - Our refill jug is produced in California from 100% recycled and reclaimed paper, and recycled plastic. The facility is designed with the highest sustainability standards in mind, focused on reducing its carbon footprint through a more efficient production process with 37% less CO2 emissions, 59% less solid waste produced, and using 48% less energy in its manufacturing process compared to plastic detergent bottles. The design of the bottle itself is reduces waste and is intended to make composting and recycling more accessible.

Mumbai Cotton Factory - Our factory in Mumbai is one of India’s oldest and largest producers of eco-friendly and sustainable products that sources exclusively from GOTS certified organic cotton farms. Our farmers work with organic farming associations to collectively improve sustainable practices, community development and financing, enhancing the wellbeing of the community, as well as improving environmental impact. Our factory provides a healthy, safe environment for its workers, promoting premium wages, retirement and health benefits, no child labour and enhanced health & safety support for staff.

  • GOTS Organic Certified #CUO14635GOTS-02.2019
  • Registration CU 014635
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • Certicate # 18RQ05AS
  • Factory is Fairtrade certified, SA8000 and Global Recycled Standard certified

Chinese Steel Factory - Our steel factory is best in the world at making consumer goods from steel. Their commitment to the best practices has ensured they are certified and used by some of the world’s best companies. They have ISO and OHAS certification on all of their products.

  • GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 Standard
  • GB/T 28001-2011 / OHAS 18001-2007
  • Certificate #: 91330800780474476B
  • Certificates: ISO 9001,QS, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 
  • Certified by SA, BSCI, Patagonia, lululemon, Walmart & more

Chinese Bamboo Factory - Our bamboo factory is dedicated to hand crafting bamboo housewares made with FSC Certified bamboo to help reduce our reliance on plastic. Bamboo is extremely renewable and abundant and sturdy. Our factory complies with FDA and ISO standards.

  • GFA Certificate - CGA-COC-003629

Chinese Cotton Beeswax Factory- Our beeswax wraps are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and beeswax from Germany. They are printed and assembled in our factory in Ping Chang, China. 

Canadian Box Company - All of our packaging is sourced from 100% recycled, FSC certified paper made and printed in Canada.

Giving Back

We are dedicated to not only creating better products, but also investing back into the communities in which we live, and the systems required to support more sustainable development and reduce the impact on our environment.

We are committed to donating 1% of revenues to environmental causes. 

Each year we will report back on the charities and organizations that we align with, along with the total donation.