You don’t have to go zero waste, just go waste-less.

Going zero waste is hard. It requires a real commitment to saying no and changing some very fundamental and convenient modern day behaviours. When you start looking around at all of the products that come in plastic or are made of plastic, it becomes daunting. Fruits and vegetables, dairy, toys, take out containers, coffee cups, workout clothing, tools, the list goes on and on.

Going completely zero waste is a huge accomplishment. But, we are here to be the first to tell you, that we haven’t made it to being zero waste, nor have we completely eliminated plastic. Our commitment is not to eliminate all of the modern conveniences that would require leaving most urban environments and choosing a simpler life. Our choice is to make small, everyday and easy choices that use better materials and reduce our impact.

We all know we need to reduce our plastic intake. But it is hard. There are, however, some easy shifts we can make today that will have a massive impact. Let’s start with the low hanging fruit, the small behavioural changes that if we all made, would have a massive impact. 

These changes require a simple mind and behavioural shift that can make a big impact. All you need is a few good quality, reusable items that will last you a lifetime. Reusing items slowly helps us shift away from a consumption and waste-filled system to a circular economy.

Here's the impact that a reusable bag, coffee cup, water bottle and container can make: