Better Basics is built by moms.

Meet our team.

Better Basics is on a mission to change the way things are done. From challenging the norms of traditional personal care and home product packaging and ingredients, to the way we work internally. We sought to shift the paradigm of work-hard/live-hard into a model of being inspired in work and in life. We believe that bringing together talented women, parents, and diverse people in business, is the way of the future. Opening the doors for talented people who are shifting away from the conventional business operating structure to model of support, collaboration and balance. This will be the unlock to drive our sustainability goals and the future of our business, as well as inspire many more to come.

"Seeing the next generation of thoughtful, caring leaders and change makers who don't fit the traditional mould motivated me to start Better Basics. I can't wait for this company to be an incubator for all of that talent and the new face of business" - Sam Rayner, Co-Founder

We are proud to be female-owned, female-lead, and started by hard working moms. We are now expanding our team to include two incredible women who are going to make their mark on our brand and mission. They are business leaders, moms and talented innovators. Come meet the new faces of Better Basics:


“As someone who relishes in cheering on purpose driven entrepreneurs it is a values aligned opportunity to join the Better Basics vision to eliminate plastics and toxins from your home. The women lead team is not only devoted to creating positive impact in all our lives and homes but also to uplifting working moms in this busy world. Those values are very close to my heart and ones that drive both my personal and professional growth.”


Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber, Head of Strategy + Impact
Joanna brings changemaking ideas to life in a world on fire through innovative acceleration models, support of impact and underrepresented entrepreneurs, and a focus on building strategic roadmaps to impacts and scalability. Joanna has a depth of experience across the nexus of sustainability, social purpose, entrepreneurship and strategy. She is a seasoned facilitator, leader, strategist, and a startup advisor working with accelerators such as W Venture, League of Innovators, iHub. She is passionate about bringing sustainability into everyone's home and business, and can’t wait to help the incredible women led team at #BetterBasics to grow and make big impact.

 Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber, Head of Strategy + Impact




“As a mom and an ambitious woman who wants to generate impact in all aspects of my life, I appreciate that Better Basics is cultivating a supportive culture that embraces the sometimes chaotic nature of motherhood, rather than judging it. We’re committed to making work work for our lives without the pressure to sacrifice presence with our families. It’s a competitive advantage!”


Michelle Lazar, Head of Growth

Michelle is a strategic, creative and purpose-led marketing leader with over 12 years experience building industry-leading brands, communities and teams. Driven by purpose, growth and impact, Michelle has held marketing leadership roles across a range of notable brands, including Smash + Tess, Athleta, Kit and Ace, Bailey Nelson and lululemon. A new-ish mom to a wild and wonderful toddler, Michelle is thrilled to support Better Basics in encouraging people to adopt a more conscious lifestyle. It’s a journey she is on personally and she hopes to inspire many others to join her in #DoingBetter.


Michelle Lazar, Head of Growth