10 Easy Eco Friendly Hacks To Reduce Plastic In Your Home

We know that reducing waste can be hard, but we are here to make it easy. Here are some of our favourite, simple actions that you can take that might seem small, but can have a massive ripple effect.
  1. Reuse your grocery bag. Say no to plastic or paper by bringing a reusable bag with you everywhere. If you’re prone to forgetting yours, invest in a few small, foldable bags and leave them in your purse, backpack, office and front door. 

  2. Use a refillable bottle and mug. Coffee cups and water bottles are some of the biggest single-use plastic offenders. To ensure you don't forget them, make refilling bottles a part of your morning routine. We also like to leave one in our office, car, front door and any place that we can easily remember while on the go.

  3. Refuse takeout containers. When going out for dinner, bring your own container to bring leftovers home. When picking up takeout, see if your favourite local spot will let you bring your own container.

  4. Swap to beeswax wraps. Eliminate cling wrap with reusable beeswax wraps, tea towels or containers. Most foods can be kept fresh without the plastic.

  5. Prioritize paper, glass and metal food packaging. When shopping for groceries and supplies, opt for options that are made of more renewable and recyclable materials like paper, steel, aluminum and glass (in that order of importance :)

  6. Shop at the farmer’s market. Not only do you get access to fresher, healthy foods, but shopping at the local farmer’s market reduces your carbon footprint by lowering transportation costs and provides access to many foods, fruits and vegetables that have zero packaging. Just bring your tote bag and fill it up!

  7. Buy Bulk. When you purchase larger quantities of food items or products, you eliminate the need for excess packaging. Bulk bin dried foods and personal care and cleaning products can easily be refilled into your everyday containers. 

  8. Shop consignment clothing. The clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters. There is also so much out there that is still very much wearable, but often gets neglected. Try shopping at your local consignment shop, or sign up for online consignors like Poshmark.

  9. Reuse stuff! Save your old wrapping paper and bags, use jars and plastic containers to save food, save all of your paper bags for compost or garbage bins, use cardboard to store items on shelves and make fun art projects.

  10. Eliminate garbage bags all together. We don’t actually need plastic bags in our garbage bins. If you are composting, there is less mess in your bin. You can use your plastic bin and empty it into your larger bin for pick up and rinse it out after. It you are worried about mess, you can also reuse newspaper, paper bags or old paper to line your bin.