The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser
The Ever Soap Dispenser

The Ever Soap Dispenser

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Modern meets minimal with our stainless steel reusable soap pump. This earth-friendly essential is for every kitchen and bathroom, available in a range of neutral colours to suit your home. Refill it again and again with our Dish Suds and Simple Suds Soap refill. 

Buying the set for all your soaps? Our neck tags will help you remember what is what.

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Peace Out, Plastic Bottles

Why Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews

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Starting to rust

I have two dispensers, both less than a year old, and both are starting to rust on the non-powdercoated part of the bottle (the threaded part that the pump covers). Plus like another reviewer said, the pump itself is very stiff so dispenses a large amount of soap (and shoots it out at you), plus doesn't fully pop back up at times. I have tried oiling but that didn't help.
I love the look of these but they don't function great - not worth the $25 price tag imo.

Pump is stiff and too much product comes out which NOT environmental

I like the dish soap and the look of the dispensers (I have a white and a black for hand and dish and they look great). The idea behind the dispensers and refills are to be environmentally conscious yet the structure of the pump pushes way too much product out with one pump thus being wasteful (and/or causing customers to go through the refills faster and having to buy more...). All dispensers seem to develop the clog and not sure that's avoidable - easy enough to fix. But it is the quality of the pump and quantity. If the pump was smoother/looser we could control the flow better.

Beautiful looking

I love this dispenser. It works beautifully with BB soaps. We have them in our bathroom and kitchen. The different colour options help to differentiate hand and dish soap in the kitchen and they look very sleek.

Love the look, but issues with the quality

This is the strangest soap dispenser. It liquifies the soap… which I have no idea how. I’ve tried a number of soaps and they all become watery in it.

Also, the dish soap tag rusts on it.

Lilly Y
Love these bottles

The bottles were bigger than I anticipated, which was a plus. Sturdy, durable and of great quality. One of the pumps arrived damaged and customer support was very prompt to send us a replacement. Absolutely love them and am glad I went with these ❤