Women's Health + The Environment: October Theme Roundup

This month, we've focused on learning and holding conversations around the connection between women's health and rights + the environment. As a female-led company rooted in sustainability, we strongly believe that you cannot separate the two. ⁠

From education to the accessibility of clean resources, there many ways that climate change impacts women's health and freedoms. We're sharing a roundup of some resources, perspectives, and valuable voices from exploring this topic below:

Sharona Shnayder

"Women have been consistent leaders in the environmental movement, weaponizing their voices for environmental justice despite the inequity of their economic and social status. It is time we recognize that environmental protection and women's rights go hand in hand."

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Women's Health + Education - Project Drawdown

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Climate Change + Women's Health - American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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Michele Kambolis

"As we women heal, and strengthen, and truly begin to honour our unlimited selfs, we naturally reunite with ourselves as nature."⁠

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Emily Poulin

"The quality of our future and our ability to fight the climate crisis requires honouring the value women offer so we can begin to cultivate a thriving environment for the collective future."

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Other Resources:

Educating Girls is More Effective in the Climate Emergency than many Green Technologies

Indigenous Women and Environmental Violence

Global Women's Issues: Women and the Environment


Ways you can Support, Donate + Get Involved:


Women for Women International

WECF International

Thank you for following along and taking part in this important conversation!