Why Randa Salloum Chose the Refill Subscription Program

Written By Randa Salloum
Sustainability Leader + Blogger

I’ve had many conversations with sustainability minded and non-alike and the number one barrier to access when choosing better choices is accessibility. 

My sustainability journey began in 2018, and the biggest sticking point for me was access to items that I can feel good about. Now, we have a multitude of options and companies like Better Basics who offer simple solutions that are accessible to everyone. 

The first switch in my home was for my clothing. Much like cleaning products, I want to find clothes that are made of natural materials, ethically created and packaged in environmentally friendly options that won’t create waste. The same went for my beauty products and my food. From clothing to household products, the goal was always to lower my consumption of synthetic materials and eliminate what I can from the landfills.  

The first step was easy, I knew what I wanted. The second step was finding them and keeping up with my choices. This is the exact reason why systems and subscriptions are the best choice. You’re eliminating the hardest part, keeping up with sustainable choices and reframing your decision making.

With the Better Basics Refill System, we are able to continue to use non-toxic cleaning supplies in our home for as long as we need. We simply set our frequency to every 3 months and before I know it, a new set of refills is at our door. 

You know that feeling? When you’ve purchased an item in bulk or as a refill and you’ve done such a good job! Then you use it, and you still feel great. But then you run out. Uh oh! You don’t have the time to go back to the refill shop! Before you know it, you forgot, and really need that item so you go to the nearest store and buy the old product. 

That won’t happen if you choose the refill system. 

Aside from the ease of keeping up with refills, the products do a great job of cleaning. I grew up in a home where if it didn’t smell like chemicals, it wasn’t clean. We’ve come a long way! The products smell like natural ingredients and they’re safe for us and our cats. 

I love the Better Basics refill system because they use all non-toxic ingredients and materials. One jug will eliminate the use of 4 plastic bottles and divert that use from the landfill. That’s a huge savings of waste over time! 

If you’re not ready for the refill system, think about other ways that you can make shifts toward #DoingBetter. My favourite quote is “think globally, act locally”. My goal is to create a positive shift with my actions. What does your bigger picture look like?