The Cost of Cotton: Why Organic Is Better

When we set out to create a better grocery bag, our first thought was "what is the most environmentally friendly material we can use?" Many reusable bags come in a polypropylene plastic, which stands up over time, but will take centuries to decompose in a landfill. We chose to go with a durable, washable cotton canvas, due to its ability to hold up, and its natural fibres and process means it will decompose once its job is complete.

We love cotton, but not all cotton is created equal.

Better Basics Grocerer Bag

Cotton is one of the most ubiquitous materials on the earth. It's known for its flexibility and use across many industries, but in particular, the fashion industry. It's estimated that 35 million hectares of cotton are produced annually, leading to a massive consumption of energy and water, and pesticides leaching into the environment. A staggering fact: the clothing industry is the second biggest consumer of the world's water, and a massive polluter, producing 10% of the carbon on the planet, only behind the oil industry.

The way to produce cotton sustainably is to start with organic cotton that prohibits the use of pesticides and genetically engineered seed, therefore reducing water consumption by 88% and energy by 62%. Organic cotton ensures that farms are placed where natural rainfall or water is available, and by feeding off of natural resources, replenishes the soil and environment around it. We work with the global leading standard for organic cotton certification, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS not only promotes the environmental safety of the cotton, the certification includes fair trade, wage and safety standards, supporting farmers who grow organic cotton and manufacturers who work with cotton.

Better Basics Grocerer Bag Production Manager India              Cotton Spinning Manufacturing

We work with GOTS organic fabric sourced locally in India, and produce our bags with our fair trade production team. Our bags are high quality organic cotton canvas and designed to last. So once you have one, you'll never really need another bag again.