What's in the bottle: our commitment to clean for you + the planet

Better Basics Refills
When we set out to create home products that are better for you + the planet, we took a look not only at what your products come packaged in, but at the ingredients too. Unfortunately, it's hard to trust that everything we use in our homes and on our bodies is safe and effective, and sifting through the noise and claims from various products can be overwhelming. In fact, it's downright crazy that there aren't packaging regulations that include the ingredient list on cleaning products. That's why we've done digging for you, and are committed to complete transparency and choosing ingredients that are better for you and the environment. Not only are our products safe, they are also designed to perform for you, keeping your home and family clean while minimizing any risks on you, your family or the environment.
We did a very thorough dive into every ingredient that we wanted to use and avoid when we developed our personal care and cleaning products. We worked with professional chemists to evaluate our options and alternatives to ensure performance while removing anything that might pose a health risk. We even went so far to reach out to the Canadian Environment and Climate Change Protection Agency about an ingredient that we had heard some rumblings about but hadn't yet been classified. Every single ingredient in our products has been reviewed by the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database and is classified as a 1, identifying that the research shows there is no connection of these ingredients to cancer, allergies or immunotoxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, or other regulations or concerns.
We're on a mission to reduce plastic waste, and while we're at it, we're committed to bringing you only the highest quality ingredients that support your health + the environment. Why do we care about plastic so much? It's a nasty material that dominates the cleaning and personal care industries. Did you know that a lot of cleaning and personal care products not only come in a plastic bottle, but use petrochemical ingredients within the product. Yuck. That is not something we want on our skin or in our homes.
"The production of chemicals, including plastics, has increased 50-fold since 1950 and is expected to increase again by the same amount in the next three decades." (Parley Air: Bioplastics) Now more than ever, it's extremely important to take a look at the label and understand what we're choosing to buy + use. We're breaking down our refill jugs so you can better understand why our products are Better.
Better Basics vs.  

Your Typical Brand

Recycled Paper Packaging

Our refills reduce plastic by 80%, use recycled plastic and paper, and our 100% recycled paper exterior that can be composted after use.


Phthalate, PVC or BPA Plastic Packaging

Most soaps + cleaning products use heavy plastic packaging that takes 100's of years to break down in the landfill.

Coconut Sudsing Agent

A natural lather that doesn't clog up our water systems or degrade forests, while still giving you a "fresh + clean" feel.


Palm Oil + SLS

Most conventional soaps + cleaning products achieve that foamy suds with an ingredient called SLS that is not only found on the "Dirty Dozen," but remains in the environment long after it's rinsed down the drain. Most personal care also include palm oil surfactants, which we avoid since its production contributes to deforestation and the exploitation of workers in many places around the world.

Essentials Oils

We use 100% pure essential oils that are much less irritating and allergy provoking than synthetic ingredients. Plus they come from organic, natural sources which means they don't linger on your body or in the environment. Bonus, you get a  spa-like experience without the fake smell that gives you a headache!


Artificial Colours or Fragrances

Finding "fragrance" listed in your ingredients is basically code for hidden toxins. The FDA allows companies to list almost any ingredient as "fragrance" which means it's likely a harmful chemical. Artificial colours are made from a synthetic process and are derived from petroleum or crude oil. Neither are supportive for your health or the planet.

Olive Oil

We use olive oil to keep your skin soft and moisturized all day long.


Silicones, Petrolatum + Chemical Moisturizers

Petrolatum is another "Dirty Dozen" ingredient that has been identified as a carcinogen according to many studies. Silicones have the potential to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms and are also known to be endocrine-disrupting. Our advice? Stay away from these ingredients.

Food Grade Preservatives

If it doesn't come from plants + natural materials, you won't find it on our labels! We keep our products shelf-stable with food-grade ingredients.


Parabens + Toxic Preservatives

Parabens used to preserve your products are also known to affect human hormones. Although some consider them "biodegradable," they have been detected in surface waters, fish and sediments. Even small quantities can kill coral.

Better Basics Refills
We hope this information helps you to make Better choices, not only for your own health, but also for the health of our planet. You can shop our refill line here, and leave any of your comments on questions in the comment section below! Thank you for #DoingBetter with us.