Our #DoingBetter Beach Picnic

Last week we brought together a community of local leaders in sustainability for a zero-waste beach picnic in beautiful Vancouver, BC! We enjoyed some local food + goodies (thanks to FlouristOddity Kombucha, and Bloomier!) and hosted a conversation around sustainable solutions and everyday simple swaps. Most importantly, we reflected on how we can start #doingbetter for people and the planet.
At Better Basics, we're on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics. We're not about being perfect, but we care deeply about #doingbetter through making small changes that add up to big strides towards more eco-friendly living.
Our Co-Founder Sam is committed to staying educated, and feels passionate about passing on her sustainable lens to future generations. As a collective, we can make big, impactful steps towards protecting and caring for our planet. "I was inspired by the loss of my parents to fuel my energy into something more productive, something that leaves the people around me and the natural world more full than empty. I have the will but I know I have a long way to go to learn and understand what I can do that helps replenish more than deplete."
Flourist is a fresh milled flour and premium dried goods company, committed to offering 100% traceable grains + connecting people to the food they eat. " Flourist is committed to working exclusively with Canadian family farms to make these amazing products available across North America and to help ensure farming remains a family business in Canada." Co-Founders Janna + Shira are passionate about upholding sustainability, transparency and traceability standards within the local food community and beyond.
Bloomier is Vancouver floral brand committed to breaking the cycle of waste by refusing some of the traditional models of running a flower company. "When it comes to the floral industry, companies face a long list of challenges that contribute to a large environmental footprint, from shipping foreign blooms and using non-recyclable materials, to creating significant organic waste. The first steps we took were to eliminate the use of materials like floral foam, plastic wraps and single use items in our designs. We source flowers locally wherever possible, compost all organic waste and offer beautiful flowers in a mindful way." Kamila, Founder of Bloomier is #doingbetter by making conscious choices rather than replying on convenience and the way we've always done things.

"Sustainability underpins each business decision made by Oddity Kombucha. From using car sharing for all deliveries to using 100% renewable energy for all production, we reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. Our mission is to continue making each and every decision through a green lens in order to protect our planet." - Mauricio, Co-Founder of Faculty BrewingOddity Kombucha
We'd love for you to get involved in the conversation and begin reflecting on your impact alongside us. Some ways we like to think about our everyday choices and how we can make positive change:
  1. How do you show love and respect for the planet each + every day?⁠
  2. Where in your life can you make 1 small (but mighty) change to help protect the earth?⁠
  3. How can you continue to learn and stay educated on sustainability + your environmental impact?

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our zero-waste beach picnic event, and we can't wait to grow this community as we continue on our sustainable journey!