Our Co-Founders on "They Get It" Podcast - Making Your Products the Easy Choice, Conscious Consumption and Parenting While Growing A Business

Emma and Kelsey of They Get It recently interviewed our co-founders Sam and Caitlin on starting and growing Better Basics. They talk all things eco products, making sustainable choices in business, conscious living, and growing a family while building a brand. 

Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, Emma and Kelsey have created a meaningful platform to highlight brands and founders who just "Get It". Through their powerful interviews and company features, their mission is rooted in supporting current and future entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses.

As they interview Sam and Caitlin, you'll learn more about how Better Basics came to be, hear about how we created our own standards, gain valuable eco-tips you can start to implement today, and more! Don't miss the "quick hits" and a special appearance from the next generation of sustainable leaders at the end.

Tune in through the link below and join the conversation. We'd love to know your thoughts, questions, and comments. Get in touch and send us a message at info@betterbasics.co!


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