Green Goals for 2022

The new year is traditionally a time to clean up our act - our routines, our schedules, our homes + beyond, but have you ever thought about cleaning up the planet? This year, go beyond your personal goals + include some resolutions that will help promote sustainability + protect our environment.
Here are our favourite eco thought-starters for resetting your 2022 goals:
  • Spend the time to read + research the IPCC report
  • Go completely paperless
  • Choose to only buy coffee on-the-go when you have your reusable mug
  • Go plastic-free at the grocery store by loading up on unpackaged produce, bulk foods in reusable containers and cheese and meats in paper packaging from the deli
  • Commit to eating locally by shopping at your local farmer's market (if you're in Vancouver, check out the CSA boxes
  • Participate in tree planting
  • Say no to plastic bags by always bringing your own (most cities are starting to ban plastic bags including the City of Vancouver as of January 1, 2022 anyways!)
  • Organize a beach cleanup
  • Donate clothes you no longer wear
  • Walk, bike, or take public transit during the work week
  • Save your veggie scraps in the freezer to use for soups + stocks
  • Go plant-based for a month
  • Choose bulk + refill products for kitchen, cleaning + personal care products
  • Switch to electronic bills + documents
  • Bring your reusable water bottle with you everywhere
  • Commit to meatless Monday’s
  • Wrap all gifts with recycled or reusables materials
  • Start your own at-home garden for herbs and veggies
  • Only buy your clothes second-hand for the entire year
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Waste less water by reducing your shower time
  • Support local environmental causes + sign petitions to take action
  • Buy organic when possible
  • Make the switch to clean skincare + beauty products (we love the EWG Skin Deep database as a resource!)
  • Vote for the party that supports the environment + action against climate change
  • Offset your Carbon footprint with Carbon Neutral Club
  • Commit to packing your kids’ lunches completely plastic-free with reusable stasher bags and containers 
  • Hang your laundry to dry
  • Host a clothes swap with friends to reduce buying “new”
  • Use natural light as much as possible and turn off the lights when you leave the room

Join us in #DoingBetter.