Better Basics x Carbon Neutral Club

Carbon Neutral Club

We are very excited to share that we’ve recently teamed up with Carbon Neutral Club, a monthly membership that rewards you for fighting climate change, by supporting you to offset your carbon footprint with one simple "sign up." Much like our sustainability mission at Better Basics, their goal is to unite like-minded brands, consumers, and employers in our collective fight against climate change. We are both passionate about making sustainability more accessible, and easy for anyone to choose on a daily basis. We love how simple they've made it to take one small action that can really make an impact. 

We are always looking to work with leaders and advocates within environmentalism, and we are very proud to partner with Carbon Neutral Club to support some amazing projects.

How It Works:

  • Estimate your carbon footprint: Carbon Neutral Club’s calculator estimates the amount of carbon dioxide that you produce through your daily choices and activities.

  • Offset your footprint: By signing up for a monthly membership, you can offset your carbon footprint by funding projects that conserve forests and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Save at sustainable brands: For being part of the climate change solution, you'll save year-round when shopping at great sustainable brands (like us!)

  • As part of the movement we will be offering 20% off 4 times per year, exclusive for all Carbon Neutral Club members. We believe that the best way to make a difference, is by working together.⁠

    Crow Lake

    The Projects Carbon Neutral Club Supports:

  • Crow Lake Wind Power - United States

  • Siam Solar Power - Thailand

  • Chinchina River Reforestation - Colombia

  • All three projects adhere to the highest standards of Carbon Offset certification. This includes either Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certification, depending on the project. They have intentionally selected three different high-impact Climate Change solutions that either reduce sources of CO2 production permanently or protect essential carbon sinks through reforestation and conservation.) Each of the projects provide benefits beyond the immediate carbon reduction benefit.

    Find more information on these projects here!


    You can learn more and sign up for your membership at