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Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set
Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set

Simple Suds Hand Soap + Dispenser Set

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The Ever Soap Dispenser - CA$25.00

All-natural, luxurious soap that’s good for you and the planet. Each Simple Suds paper jug fills your Ever Dispenser 4 times, saving infinite plastic bottles.

Experience the moisturising benefits of olive oil, aloe and coconut oil in this natural and gentle hand and body soap. With the sweet scent of mandarins and woodsy herbs, or refreshing peppermint and rosemary, this soap will whisk you away to a Spanish hilltop. Designed to refill your Ever Dispenser four times and eliminate unnecessary plastic waste, this soap refill is not only luxurious, but better for you + the planet.

Choose the colour of your Ever Dispenser to match your bathroom or kitchen. This reusable stainless steel soap pump is a stylish and conscious sink upgrade that’s designed to last. 

Kit Includes: Simple Suds Refill 1.5L + The Ever Dispenser 400 mL

Set It & Forget It Refill Program:  Save time, money, and the planet. All refill products are 20% off and include discounted shipping on all subsequent orders. You choose how often you want them and can cancel anytime.

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Customer Reviews

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Wow! I am so impressed

This product offers a refreshing and conscious choice for those wanting effective hygiene with a positive impact. Love how the formula doesn't dry your hands but keeps the skin moisturized. I found the scent very subtle and lovely.

Love the Ever Dispenser; Less so the Simple Suds Refill

I like the overall quality of the Ever Dispenser so far. I'm hoping the stainless steel holds up longer than plastic soap dispensers and doesn't create that green staining around the pump that often happens with other dispenser.

Unfortunately, I don't like the Simple Suds product. I like that the packaging is very recyclable. I don't like the scented product due to a personal preference for unscented products and the cost of the soap for the quantity seems high based on other liquid soaps I typically buy.


High quality, well thought out and designed. I rotate between the two scents because they're so amazing. It's a large container of soap and goes a long way! It's an upfront cost to reduce unnecessary plastic containers. Such quick shipping and conscious packaging. This is an amazing investment into reducing out plastic waste! Can't wait for more people to find out about this amazing brand!

Incredible soap!

I absolutely love the rosemary mint soap, it suds up nicely and leaves a hint of freshness. Very luxurious. It looks great in the dispenser in my washroom.


Love the sleek natural look of this soap dispenser on my kitchen counter. The rosemary mint soap smells amazing! Very happy with the overall quality of everything.