Join Us: 21 Days of Actions for Earth Day!

April 22 marks the 51st annual Earth Day and we invite you to join us in our Earth Day Challenge! For the next 21 days we are challenging ourselves to make a better choice every day.⁠

This Earth Day will be celebrated along with 1 billion people around the globe. Earth Day was founded in 1970 to bring activism, education and visibility to environmental and biodiversity protection. We can thank Earth Day for the advent of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clear Air and Clean Water Act. The origin of Earth Day was simple. If we can educate and inspire communities to fight for environmental protection, the government and businesses will listen. And it worked.

If you ever needed more proof that a small action you take can make a difference, Earth Day is it. While we know the influences on climate change can be so systemically diverse and confusing it is hard to know where to start - our recommendation is to start with what you can control: what you purchase, who you support, and where you lend your energy and voice.

Here is your round-up of daily challenges for Earth Day! Share your progress on Instagram by tagging @betterbasicsco and sharing #doingbetter

DAY 1 (April 1) - Learn more about the history of Earth Day and what you can do to support.

DAY 2 (April 2) - Opt to walk or bike.

DAY 3 (April 3) - Bring a reusable bag.

DAY 4 (April 4) - Shop at your local farmer's market.

DAY 5 (April 5) - Ditch single-use products and opt for refills.

DAY 6 (April 6) - Pick up a piece of trash.

DAY 7 (April 7) - Properly recycle you soft plastics.

DAY 8 (April 8) - Say no to single-use coffee cups. 

DAY 9 (April 9) - Swap a plastic item for a biodegradable material.

DAY 10 (April 10) - Conserve your household energy by turning off lights and unplugging appliances.

DAY 11 (April 11) - Compost your food scraps.

DAY 12 (April 12) - Shop thrifted or donate unused clothing.

DAY 13 (April 13) - Buy bulk.

DAY 14 (April 14) - Commit to never buying a plastic water bottle again.

DAY 15 (April 15) - Find eco alternatives to your favourite items - like a compostable phone case!

DAY 16 (April 16) - Plant something.

DAY 17 (April 17) - Don't buy any products packed in plastics.

DAY 18 (April 18) - Switch your washing routine to cold water, and get a microplastic bag for the laundry.

DAY 19 (April 19) - Eat plant-based meals.

DAY 20 (April 20) - Bring your own take-out container.

DAY 21 (April 21) - Do an environmental clean up.

Day 22 - Earth Day! Join your city in some activism, watch a film or read a book about how to live more sustainably.

YOU DID IT! Let's go celebrate Earth Day!